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MOMOLAND will donate their Manila concert earnings in October to Filipino children in need

They know how to really return the love!

K-Pop girl group MOMOLAND will once again return to the Philippines this October, and while that news might not be a surprise, the next one will surely be.

Their agency MLD Entertainment said on a statement that the group’s earnings from the upcoming “Good Friends in Manila” event this October will be donated to the children who are in need from the barangays of San Jose and Calawis, both in Antipolo City.

The show, called “Good Friends in Manila”, will feature MOMOLAND, as well as former Wanna One members Ha Sungwoon and Kim Jaehwan.

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According to MLD, the clothes and other necessities will be distributed on October 25, just 20 days after the concert on October 5.

The move will be also not a one-time event or stunt, as MLD also said that the group is planning to do charity events like this annually.


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MOMOLAND previously visited Manila last January for their first public fan-meeting. The group debuted in 2016 under Dublekick Entertainment (now MLD Entertainment), and is composed of nine members.


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