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NCT 127 has proved why they’re the “biggest hit on the stage” in their sold-out Manila concert | #ShowRewind

They’ve wowed us (and everyone) with spectacular performances on their first solo Manila concert!

NCT 127 performing "Kick It" at their NEO CITY : THE LINK in Manila tour last September 4, 2022 at the Mall of Asia Arena. HALLYULIFE PHOTO

MANILA – NCT 127 finally returned back to the Philippine shores for their first-ever solo concert last September 4 at the Mall of Asia Arena, performing to a full-house crowd as part of their sold-out “NEO CITY: THE LINK” concert tour.

The Korean boy group, which is a sub-unit of NCT, treated their audiences to spectacular and memorable stages, while the audience responded to each with deafening cheers, showing their excitement and yearning for the group, which last performed in Manila in 2019 during the K-Pop World Music Festival at the same venue.

And we’re there to tell you the story.

“Puku puku paw paw” is real

As the 9 members of NCT 127 entered the stage, everyone was cheering loudly, welcoming members Taeyong, Taeil, Johnny, Yuta, Doyoung, Jungwoo, Jaehyun, Haechan, and Mark who appeared in their white outfits.

Kicking off the almost three-hour concert with “Kick It”, the legendary “puku puku paw paw” beaming on the arena’s speakers really linked all the Czennies present at the venue.

Immediately following it with the songs “Lemonade” and “Simon Says”, the K-pop group continued with immense cheers and energy from the audience as they took a short break after 3 songs in order to greet their Filipino Czennies (or NCTzens) who waited for them long enough for this show to happen.

The group’s leader, Taeyong said that “It’s our first concert in Manila, we’ll give you our full energy tonight.”, while member Mark thanked the fans for being patient, and saying “Let’s make this the best show ever!”, all while interacting with the fans.

After that short talk, NCT 127 continued their setlist with the songs “Elevator”, “Dreamer”, as well as “Love Song”.

Solo, duo, and unit stages

After some heart-stopping group stages, NCT 127 members treated their Czennies to some solo and unit stages, showcasing their angelic vocals altogether.

First went out was Taeil with his “Another World” performance, then followed by “Love Sign” together with member Haechan. Two other members, Jaehyun and Doyoung, performed “Lost” and “The Reason Why It’s Favorite”.

Five members – Jungwoo, Jaehyun, Doyoung, Taeil, and Haechan then followed with a performance of the song “The Rainy Night”, which made me feel like they were serenading their fans all along.

Members Mark and Taeyong then followed with another set of solo stages, performing the songs “Vibration” and “Moonlight”, respectively, then joined forces on stage to perform their self-composed track “The Himalayas”. Jungwoo then followed with his performance of “Lipstick”.

And then, Johnny stole all the eyes when he went shirtless for a short number while inside a closed glass box, and I mean….. THAT BODY.

But prior to that, did we mention that Taeyong also went shirtless for a moment?

Wrapping up the solo/unit round was member Yuta with his “Butterfly” performance.

Then comes the “Favorite(s)”

NCT 127 continued again as a group this time around, with performances of the song “Highway to Heaven”, which is one of my actual favorite NCT 127 songs.

Then, the group went on center stage, leading to louder cheers from the audience, as they perform their songs “Focus”, “Back 2 U”, “White Night”, “Favorite” and “Bring the Noize”, followed by the anticipated live performance of “Love On The Floor”.

A short break then followed with a VCR with the members’ letters to fans being read out. The members then returned on stage with more casual outfits to perform the songs “Paradise”, “Touch” and “Love Me Now”.

Proving why they’re the biggest hit on the stage

NCT 127 said that they were down to their last songs as the time to end the concert approached and then resumed with their songs “Cherry Bomb” and “Sticker”. And as the catchy beat and lyrics resonate in the arena, this part of the concert ultimately gave us an appreciation of why many people do love them enough – it’s like the whole arena becomes one as the Filipino crowd sang in chorus once again, forgetting that “fan chants exist”.

And as with every K-pop concert that I’ve gone to, an encore was expected. NCT 127 returned on stage after a few minutes, with the song “Dreams Come True”.

The members then expressed their closing remarks, with most of them being sad because it’s only just a day (a DAY 2 of the concert was in consideration due to it being sold-out fast wasn’t granted), and expressed their willingness to perform in Manila for two days or even more, as they were amazed by the wild support of Filipino NCTzens.

Member Johnny said, “I can’t believe it’s our first time performing here. I’ll be honest with you all, we’ll probably still hear you when we go back home.”

They also promoted their upcoming 4th album “2 Baddies” to the audience and repeatedly said thank you so much to everyone who attended the concert, wishing them to go home safely. They also took the chance to save the concert to their memories with a photo alongside the Mall of Asia Arena audience.

And then they capped off their almost three-hour show with the song “Promise You.”

NCT 127’s NEO CITY: THE LINK in Manila is presented by SM Entertainment, and Dream Maker Entertainment, and promoted by PULP Live World.

We would like to extend our gratitude to PULP Live World for inviting us to cover this event.

Check out our photos from the concert here:



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