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“Sunshine Family” starring Sue Ramirez and K-Pop star Shinwoo to hit theaters on June 5

Will the sun truly shine again upon the “Sunshine Family”?

MANILA – For Spring Films, the studio that brought you the “Kimmy Dora” trilogy and “Kita Kita,” going big is the only way to go.

As part of its 10th-anniversary celebration, the independent film studio is pushing itself to new heights with a monumental partnership with Korean studio FILM LINE Pictures Productions LTD. for the Filipino-Korean co-production “Sunshine Family.”

Shot entirely in Seoul and Yangpyeong County, “Sunshine Family” is a comedy-drama that tells the story of Don and Sonya Mapalad (Nonie and Shamaine Buencamino), and their children Shine (Sue Ramirez) and Max (“Your Face Sounds Familiar” fan-favorite Marco Masa). A partly-dysfunctional family living in Korea for the past five years, the family’s plans of going back home to the Philippines get challenged after Don is involved in a hit-and-run accident.

It’s long been said that in times of trouble, it is to your family that you run back to. In this country of strangers, can the Mapalads learn to rely on each other and overcome this one final hurdle as a family?

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Directed by Kim Tai Sik, the acclaimed director of the 2007 international film festival-favorite “Driving with my Wife’s Lover,” “Sunshine Family” is a proud merging of the best of Filipino and Korean cultures. Apart from letting Filipinos experience Korea via its breathtaking setting, the film brings together the technical expertise of Korean cinema—from direction to cinematography and editing—with the signature heart of Filipino storytelling through its subject matter and its talented cast.

Spring Films has long been acclaimed for inspired casting choices that go beyond the mainstream (e.g., Eugene Domingo’s first headlining role in “Kimmy Dora,” the Empoy-Alessandra de Rossi love team in “Kita Kita,” Carlo Aquino’s epic comeback with “Meet Me in St. Gallen”). Keeping true to this, “Sunshine Family” will see for the first time renowned actors and long-time couple Nonie and Shamaine Buencamino teaming up together for a project. The two will add their real-life dynamics as both husband and wife and parents to their performances as troubled partners-in-life turned partners-in-crime Don and Sonya Mapalad.

Also starring in “Sunshine Family” as the couple’s eldest Shine is one of the Philippines’ most promising stars, Sue Ramirez. Beyond her talent, Ramirez is known for authenticity and her ability to balance sweetness and strength. She was handpicked by the Korean Tourism Organization to headline the film as she has been serving as a South Korean honorary tourism ambassador since 2016.

Also worth noting is that, opposite Ramirez, playing her leading man is K-Pop idol Shinwoo of the boyband Blanc 7.

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“Sunshine Family” is based on the award-winning 1992 Japanese film, “Hit-and-Run Family.” The film will hit Philippines theaters nationwide on June 5, 2019.

They say all clouds have silver linings, and there’s always a rainbow after the rain. Will the sun truly shine again upon the “Sunshine Family”?

For more updates on “Sunshine Family,” follow Spring Films on social media:,, and

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