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WATCH: Filipino band Ben&Ben responds to fans’ requests by covering K-pop songs from NCT, Red Velvet, DAY6, and TWICE

Filipino band Ben&Ben became the most search term in Melon Realtime Search Chart in July 2020.

Filipino band Ben&Ben responds to their fans’ requests by covering select K-pop songs.

The Filipino Band Ben&Ben has been receiving lots of love not just from Filipino fans but also Korean fans with their track ‘Leaves’. In response to a lot of fans’ requests, they finally make a special video of them covering select K-pop songs like ‘Beautiful Time‘ by NCT Dream, ‘Bad Boy‘ by Red Velvet, ‘You Were Beautiful‘ by DAY6, and ‘Feel Special‘ by TWICE.

Before this video premieres today, August 5, The Filipino band has already been trending not just in the Philippines but also in South Korea as they became the most search term in Melon Realtime Search Chart with terms like ‘Leaves‘, ‘Ben&Ben’, and more on July 22.

One of the first reasons why they trend number 1 in South Korea is when NCT Mark plays Ben&Ben’s track’ Leaves on his Vlive last July.

It was followed by DAY6 Jae who also plays the track on his Instagram live. He was so shocked by the song and he said:

Ben & Ben, Leaves, Wow! It was amazing. I was really surprised!


Even ONCEs recommend the song ‘Leaves’ of Ben&Ben to TWICE. Days after, TWICE Momo and Sana listen to it while they’re on Vlive. Both of them like the song so much.

Momo even suggests the song to TWICE Nayeon that makes her like the song as well.

Ben&Ben recently releases their newest single ‘Lifetime‘ in June 2020. They are a well-known Filipino pop band with their hit tracks ‘Leaves’, ‘Maybe The Night’, ‘Kathang Isip’, Sa Susunod na Habang Buhay’, Araw- Araw’, and more.



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