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BAMBAM happily meets his PH Ahgases prior to his concert, shares his “AREA 52” show preparations

PH Ahgases got a chance to see BAMBAM before seeing him perform live on his very first solo concert!

GOT7 member and solo artist BAMBAM during his "AREA 52" press conference and fan sign event at the Quantum Skyview in Gateway 2 Mall in Quezon City, Philippines last September 21, 2023. HALLYULIFE PHOTO

MANILA – Thai rapper, singer, and GOT7 member BAMBAM has fulfilled his promise to return after his previous visits last July 2022 in Manila and January 2023 in Cebu.

Prior to his 1st World Tour “AREA 52” Concert at the Araneta Coliseum tomorrow, September 22, BAMBAM met the media and his PH Ahgases (GOT7 & BAMBAM’s fans) at the Quantum Skyview of the Gateway 2 Mall in Quezon City for a press conference and fan sign event, hosted by Jinho Bae.

Why AREA 52?

Wearing a handsome black outfit, BAMBAM recalls “Area 51,” a place where people think of UFOs and aliens. The numbers 5 & 2 stand for his birthday, which is on May 2nd, therefore he took that notion and created “Area 52” with it.

AREA 52 concert preparations

BAMBAM has prepared a lot for his very first world tour. Aside from the releases of his albums such as “riBBon” in 2021, “B” in 2022, and the recently released album “Sour & Sweet”, this is his chance to show his PH Ahgasses a lot of stuff that he hasn’t shown previously through this concert.

When asked about what his concert has in store for his PH Ahgases, BAMBAM wants to give something more than just a concert experience that fans can witness tomorrow (September 22). Did you know that one of his outfits was created by a fan? He even considered giving that person a VIP ticket. BAMBAM was delighted that his fans (the Ahgasses) took part in his very first world tour.

BAMBAM’s favorite song?

According to BAMBAM, all of the songs that he released in the past three years are like his babies. But if he chooses one song, it will be “riBBon” because it shaped him into the person that he is today, and it is the perfect song for his solo debut in 2021. He also expresses himself further in this song and lets people know who BAMBAM is.

BAMBAM as a GOT7 member and a soloist

When BAMBAM was asked about the difference between being a member of his group GOT7 and as a solo artist. According to him, the only difference between being in an idol group and being a soloist is that he must sing and dance the entire song, which is also one of the most difficult aspects. He also stated that his group, GOT7, has all musical styles, whereas BAMBAM has a different musical style. One thing that captured everyone’s hearts at the venue was when BAMBAM said this:

Each member have different styles but when we come back together, we’re still GOT7 and we’ll be doing the same thing together.

DARA’s as BAMBAM’s special guest

BAMBAM shared that his noona or ate (which means sister) Sandara Park has been taking care of him. As he became part of his present agency Abyss he and Dara got close really fast even though (according to him) Dara is the “quiet one” and doesn’t talk that much. Even Dara wants him to try eating a balut, which is a delicacy made from incubated duck eggs.

BAMBAM remembering the Philippines

Remember the time when the term shot puno was introduced to him last year in Manila and did it on his visit to Cebu? Well, that is one of the things BAMBAM loves about the Philippines. “They just love drinking, I don’t know why? But I want you guys to drink responsibly”. A perfect song for his Filipino fans? According to him, it’s his latest title track “Sour & Sweet”, but he feels like Filipino fans are like “Sour & Spicy”.

Aside from “shot puno!” He also said some Filipino words and phrases like “Ang pogi ko!”(I am handsome!), “Hi mga beshie ko!” (Hi to my besties!), and “Eme lang” (Just kidding).

Essentials in Outer Space

Since the title of his concert tour is “AREA 52”, he was asked about three things that he will need when going into outer space — and here are BAMBAM’s essential needs in space:

  1. Ahgases – Because the more people he brings, the safer it gets”
  2. Water
  3. Air

BAMBAM thanked every Ahgase present at this fan sign event and also to those who will attend his concert tomorrow night.

After the press conference, PH Ahgases had close encounters with BAMBAM through a fan sign event that made the fans and him happy. You can catch BAMBAM on his very first world tour concert “AREA 52” live at the Araneta Coliseum on September 22, at 7 PM (Philippine Time) with his special guest, his senior, and the “pambansang krung krung” herself, Sandara Park and will be opened by K-pop girl group DreamNote.

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BamBam THE 1ST WORLD TOUR [AREA 52] in Manila is made possible by ABYSS and iMe Philippines.

Check out our photos from the event here:
BamBam @ AREA 52 Tour in Manila PRESS CONFERENCE/FANSIGN (HQ PHOTOS) [20230921]



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